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Tomatoes: $5.00 - $15.00 depending on size (4", 1 gallon- 2 gallon)

Abe Lincoln  A 1923 Original. Meaty variety with incredibly thick flesh, tiny seed core and great flavor.

A. Grappoli D'Inverno "The Winter Grape" of old Italy. Hang fruit to stay fresh well into winter.

Barry's Crazy Cherry Pale Yellow Cherries grown on clusters. Delicious.

Beefsteak Massive fruit, 1-2 lbs., Meaty and firm. Perfect on sandwiches.

Berkeley Tie Dye Green Incredibly colorful and delicious . Large slicing variety. A favorite of chefs.

Black Cherry Grape looking. Large vines. High yields, unique and delicious.

Black Krim One of the best. Juicy and another favorite of chefs.

Black Icicle Stunning, perfectly shaped, deep purplish-brown fruit, incredibly rich taste.

Blue Gold Berries Beautiful purple and yellow cherries. Sweet an rich. Loaded with antioxidants.

Brad's Atomic Wild lavender and purple stripes turning technicolor olive-green. Best of Show 2017

Brandywine The most popular heirloom vegetable! Large fruit, superb flavor.

Brimmer The best BLT  tomato ever!

Cherokee Purple Pre-1890 variety. Beautiful, deep, dusky purple-pink color. Superb sweet flavor.

Cour di Bue Oxheart-type. Favorite of Italy. One of the best tasting tomatoes (very hard to find).

Dad's Sunset The perfect orange tomato. One of the best flavored tomatoes. 

Dark Galaxy A work of art. Fascinating fruit, striped and speckled. Tangy, sweet and juicy.

Dester Excellent Slicer. Large Beefsteak variety reading 1.5 lbs.

Dr. Whichye 1 lb. fruit. Solid and smooth, Tropical and sweet.

Emerald Apple A rare variety. Very large fruit, deliciously tart with a surprising sweetness.

German Johnson Very large 1-2 lb. fruit. Very flavorful and productive.

German Lunchbox The size of a small egg. Vibrant pink, sugar sweet and begging to be eaten.

Green Zebra Beautiful chartreuse with deep lime-green stripes. very rich tasting. A favorite of chefs.

Indigo Apple Strikingly sweet tomato with pendant clusters.

Jersey Devil A favorite. Incredible flavor, meaty with few seeds.

Kellog's Breakfast A beautiful orange bBeefsteak, flavorful and superbly sweet.

Kentucky Beefsteak An enormous, orangeBbeefsteak. Sweet, mild and fruity.

Large Barred Boar Meaty pink flesh. Very flavorful.

Lucid Gem A masterpiece. Winner of the 2017 sweetest tomato. Slicing type. Stunning fruit.

Lucky Tiger Best snacking tomato ever. Jewel-toned shards of green and red with hints of gold.

Martino's Roma Huge yields of richly flavorful tomatoes. Great for sauce, salsas and pastes. 

Missouri Pink Love Apple Big pink fruit. Rich tasting.. 

Napa Chardonnay Super amazing flavor. Cherry type. Great in containers. 

Napa Rose Blush Sweet little cherries grown in clusters. Harvest entire clusters or pick individual fruit.

Paul Roberson A cult following with tomato connoisseurs. Sweet and smoky.

Peron Deep red, dual purpose canning and slicing sort. Smooth oblong fruit very dense-fleshed and meaty.

Pink Berkeley Tie Dye Port wine colored Beefsteak. Sweet and rich.

Pink Boar Gem of pinkish-wine colored with metallic green stripe. Great producer of smaller juicy tomatoes. 

Pork Chop True yellow with vibrant golden stripes, slightly flattened sweet flavor and hints of citrus.

Principe Borghese Italian heirloom famous for sun drying. 

Solar Flare Red with gold stripes and meaty flesh with Lucious sweet red tomato flavor.

SunGold Distinctive, tangy-sweet fruits are best eaten fresh off the vine or in salads and party trays.

Sunrise Bumblebee Sweet luminous cherries with swirls of reds and oranges.

Tappy's Heritage Fantastic tastes, great yields, wonderful flavor.

Tiger "CherryRoma" Stunning, jewel-toned colors. Best tomatoes in taste test.

Tommy Toe Vigorous plants producing hundreds of small, 1 inch cherries with good flavor.

Yellow Brandywine Superbly rich and delicious-tasting large fruit with good yields.

Yellow Pear Very Sweet and productive.

Yellow Plicer Very A classic, huge, yellow Beefsteak type. Fantastic flavor and thick flesh.

Purple & Green Tree Kale: $8 (4") &  $12  (gallon)

This is the best vegetable ever!! You can have fresh kale all year long. It even gets sweeter in the snow. They are tender and delicious and a great  choice for a low-maintenance winter garden. You can train and trellis or simply stake. Bake chips, use in shakes, add to any meal. Absolutely spectacular!  This will live up to 20 years and is easy to propagate.

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