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Thank you for your interest in Portland Farm Girl.

I grew up in Northern California, went to school in Santa Barbara and always dreamed of living on a farm where I could rescue racehorses. That dream was realized and my husband and I settled in to a small "farm" in Novato.

After my son was born I started Farm Girl Nursery. I enjoyed every minute of introducing children to organic gardening. We had kids camps where we planted, harvested, cooked, played games and so much more. I was open to the public as well and had hundreds of families come from all over to experience farm life. They could picnic on the lawn, feed carrots to the horses and enjoy the goats, pigs, and chickens. Farm to Table dinners were a monthly event and the proceeds were donated to charity.

That same son went off to college (PSU) and we followed. We also found a lovely "larger farm" with plenty of room to expand my garden. So, I'm continuing to live my dream with horses out the window and sharing my love for the garden. I can't wait to share all of the unique, rare heirloom veggies with you!

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